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Hard at work

I hope everyone had a great long weekend! Chaney and I spent some time sewing on Sunday. She loves her art teacher and she wanted to make her an end of the year present.
I've been using some of my Habitat stash for my drunk flowers quilt so guess which fabrics she eyed. Yep... the drop cloth ones. Perfect for an art teacher! Tough for mom to part with some of her favorite fabrics so you know it's love when you let your kid use some of your beloved stash. ;)Chaney wanted to make a wall hanging to look like paintings hanging on a wall. I think that's a great concept! I decided it was time to teach her strip piecing so we cut light and dark strips to make 9 patch blocks.
I cut the long strips and she stitched them together. I pressed the strips and I supervised her very closely and let her rotary cut the strips into the units to make the 9 patch blocks. She did great... the cuts were a tad wonky but it works great with her design.

I showed her how to butt the seams up against each other and pin. Then I taught her how to chain piece. Her response... why didn't you teach me this trick a long time ago?!?
While she was busy chain piecing, I cut the sashing strips. I pressed the 9 patch blocks and she took over and added the sashing to the blocks without me showing her what to do. She's a quilting genius! LOL

I pressed the blocks and because the 9 patch blocks ended up a bit wonky, I decided to square the blocks up wonky too. Chaney loved the look and was arranging the blocks and stitching them together to make the top before I could even say anything about making the seams match then sewing the rows together.

I thought that I might be the one quilting the hanging but she's begging to do it because she already knows how. Her Janome doesn't have a walking foot so I'm thinking straight organic lines using my machine should be OK with my supervision.

The one thing she is making me do... binding the quilt. And that's fine with me because it's one of my favorite parts of making a quilt!

Chaney and I will hire our quilt photographer {Steve} to take the final pictures and I'll let her blog about the finished product. She is begging for a blog of her own but I think she's too young. Hopefully sharing here will keep her happy for the next few years...

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