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Bad Habits

Maybe I'm the only one but if the quilt police found me, I'd definitely be in trouble like Barbie here. Hubby was in my quilting room last night and he just shook his head at the mess. I tried to explain my creative process... not interrupting the flow of things... and he laughed and tried to convert me to the clean-as-you-go kind of person.

So here I confess. Here are my bad quilting habits:

  • I rarely pin when piecing. It's faster to just stick the fabrics together and go.
  • I hardly ever square up my blocks perfectly... I have for my current quilt and just might be a believer!
  • I let my scraps pile up and I don't organize them well at all... see Barbie drowning in them above.
  • I don't pre-wash. Ever. I wash after my quilt is done. So far... so good. Plus, this is my excuse for buying high quality (that's code for designer) fabrics. ;)
What would the quilting police find you guilty of? I can't be the only one... LOL

PS: no Barbies were harmed in the making of this post. I just happen to share my space with an equally creative and crafty 6 year old...

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