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Bag Departure

Lots of Pockets tote... What do you do when you need a break from quilting? Take a departure!

I love making handbags. I used to make a lot of them and I still do on occasion... especially when I find awesome designer prints like these Jessica Jones prints.

{Topstitching}  I really enjoy sewing handbags. The steps, the construction, and the topstitching {oh, how I love topstitching!} really appeal to me. I have a favorite pattern designer too. Keykalou. Have you seen her on Etsy? Her patterns are so well written, easy to understand, affordable, and she is super helpful. This tote is her pattern like most of the bags I make.

Happy Fabric Tuesday!

PS... while I watched my beloved Texas Rangers last night, I drowned my sports sorrows in finishing a quilt top. I can't wait to show ya'll the completed quilt soon!

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Bag Departure + handbag