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Wednesday {words}

So, I'm still torturing myself 6 days a week with P90X. Yesterday began week 7 of this plan and I'm feeling really good. I'm a little over halfway done!

Steve is very supportive and helpful... most of the time.

Picture this... I'm on the living room floor doing the ab workout. One of the exercises is called "heels to heaven".

There is no heaven involved. I also cannot quote what I'm thinking while trying to make it through 25.

Steve: is walking through the living room. He stops just long enough to exclaim, "boy, that looks like it sucks", and quickly continues walking out of the room.

Me: I still cannot quote any of what I thought of his helpfulness...

But at least I can laugh about it now and tell you that he really is the best! :)

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Wednesday {words} + wednesday words