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i do
i contemplate everything
sometimes my loving husband says "too much", however true, it's the way i am
and it can be dangerous sometimes, but at other times, it's like opening up a new part of me
and the only thing i can describe it as is "warming"

while hiking this weekend we came across an awesome stone building

we made the fire together
we even pretended we lived there... (and kicked ourselves for not having brought supper and hot cocoa!)
for me, it's not difficult to get entangled into a story within my own life... like a living dream
isn't that part of life's beauty? to see life with a full light upon it?

without light there is no life
no spirit

and yes this may sound "corny" to some, but nature does this
nature sheds light upon life

we stepped away from halloween... boycott...
so now instead of corny, i could be called "grouch"
my kids didn't miss out on anything that would enhance their light... or their beauty within by not participating in this "holiday"

spending time together, as a family, within nature

beautiful to witness, but even better to live it...
and it's no storybook...
it isn't made up...

it actually happened and was, well, warming...
along the path were mossy logs... birds flying... and the scent of autumn...

our little guy had the opportunity to do some little climbing... and it was too cute to not take his photograph!
and on the journey home, we had the privilege to see this sunset on the road we live on...

i cannot let All Saints Day pass by without showing you my good friend Jennifer Rizzo's artwork...
she is making hand sculpted one of a kind santos!! they are incredible!!!!
this is Mary

they will be available in her online store this November 8th... see my sidebar — top left -


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