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A Quilt Along?

The quilt I made from my first quilt along...  I'm just throwing this out there to see who would like to join me. I have a quilt I'm about to begin and I figured it would be a lot more fun to document the process here and have some friends stitch along with me.

All you need for the quilt top is 1 charm pack {or 42 5" squares}, 1 yard of a coordinating solid, and 2 yards of a neutral solid.

This will be a simple, modern design {with the option for a little wonkiness} perfect for quilters of all skill levels. Over 6 weeks I will show you every step in the process, from choosing your fabric all the way to how to bind your quilt, so even if this is your first quilt it will be like having your best quilting buddy helping you every step of the way. :)

Every Friday I will post the instructions for the upcoming week since I know that a lot of us sew on the weekends. The following Thursday I'll post my progress and give everyone a way to link up to show their progress too. And please, don't be intimidated by the timeline. Feel free to go at your own pace because I never want to be the cause of someone quilting out of obligation... ;)

Who's in?? I am!

Tomorrow I'll unveil the design, post my fabric selections, and talk about choosing your fabrics...

Edited to answer a few questions:

  1. Yes! This quilt along will be great for a brand new quilter. The cutting is simple and the piecing is simple. I was a new quilter not too long ago so I'll keep everything as basic as possible :)
  2. I have not made the quilt; I will be working at the same pace that I'm posting each week.
  3. You could easily make your 5" squares from fat quarters or fabric you have on hand. A lot of variety isn't that important...
  4. Yes! There is a button on my left sidebar that you can grab. I will love you if you do! And BTW, please let me know if the button doesn't work... this is my first try at one of those.

charm squares, moda swell, and more:

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