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the other part of the room switch...

when I recently switched the dining and living rooms, the 'new' dining room had been sorely forgotten with creating a space to reflect the season/farm/us

friends of ours were having a garage sale... a nearby farm... and this little $35 table was just what this room needed

she even gave the kids and me free pumpkins... thanks Mary!
{{ a bit of country

{{ nests and gathered feathers from years on the farm

(here's a funny tidbit of a story involving the non-coincidence of our "campers": our friends John and Mary came by about a week ago to drop off the flyer of their garage sale they were having because Jason forgot to tell me the details — and that very day, the male "camper" that is here found out that he needed to get a new crankshaft... their engine is literally out of their truck... the whole thing... and John is a mechanist... he has a barn dedicated to this purpose... he fixes up vintage cars for a living... a shop to make any car lover drool... so their engine is now residing on another farm while they live in our barn in their camper — where it is warm and he can clean his tools and parts of the engine... basically... if John and Mary hadn't come over to give me that flyer, we might have totally forgot that he would be able to re-work the engine for the campers and order the necessary parts... isn't that just so amazing??)

truth be told... it's been a rough few weeks... (nothing to do with our new camper friends here)

gone are the warm sunny mornings with busy hands in the garden... I am running on this lonely habit of preparing... preparing meals and more food in the potager... putting up swags and hay couches

having the 'campers' here from Colorado for the past few weeks, with her being a spry 26 year old, I understand even more these miles and years that have separated me from my youth... oh good gravy... like I'm old or something? no, i know that i am not old... but i can't help but feel my bones more... the shape of my hands — the wrinkles on my face — the heart hurting from a recent blow of betrayal... all of these things have shaped the last two weeks since the sale and by gosh did i need to decorate and make things fresh

here's two of my pumpkins now...

changing up my surroundings makes me forget second guessing myself + my strength + my loves

family... friends... feathers... finds from the farm
(that's a lot of 'f''s)

here's to a fabulous fall weekend... and enjoying that hot cup of coffee in the chilly mornings
and another big thank you to all of you who have given me your sentiments about the farms through emails, letters in the mail and sharing your photographs... we had such a great time with you all here!!

peace + blessings,

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the other part of the room switch... + life