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Fruit & Pyrex

image from Apartment Therapy I've started picking up a few Pyrex pieces here and there. I love all the colors! For me, it's not as much about having a matching set as it is about having colorful and useful pieces.

Steve gave me a bit of grief over "collecting" something. I promised that these pieces would be useful and today I would like to share the proof. ;)


Blueberries... Later turned into blueberry pancakes for Steve's Father's Day breakfast...
We went to our local farmer's market on Saturday and oh my, we came home with some great stuff. Blackberries... new potatoes... peaches... blueberries... and my favorite yellow squash.

I made squash casserole yesterday from this Paula Deen recipe and it was a-mazing! Guess what I'm having for lunch today...??

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