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The Perfect Size

I'm back! And I'm almost feeling human after two trips to the Dr. and multiple medications {including one that I was allergic to}. Thank you all for your well wishes!
I got a lot done yesterday... so much that I'm going to break it into several posts. I thought I'd start with the most common question I have received about my new studio and that is how I made the mini fabric bolts.

Current size comic book boards!

They are inexpensive, easy to find, and they are the perfect size for holding up to 5 yards of fabric. They measure approximately 7" x 10.5" and I bought 200 from my local comic book store for $20.
Here's how I folded the fabric:

Fold your fabric selvage to selvage {just like it is on the bolt at a fabric store}

Still selvage to selvage, fold upwards

Look! It's the perfect size for the board...

Fold approximately 1.5'-2" over the long edge of the board

Flip it over and fold around the board snugly until you have all your fabric folded.


And now you have a cute mini fabric bolt!
Once you get the hang of it, the folding goes surprisingly fast. Keep going until your stash is nice and neat. It was heaven yesterday sewing and having all my fabric in sight!

Edited to add: This works great for fat quarters, half yards and of course yardage!

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The Perfect Size + work