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Hop, Skip, Jump

Blame it on the bad summer TV line up, the hot weather, or the lack of air conditioning in my office the past few days... whatever it is, I can't seem to stop making quilt tops. I have never been in this situation; I normally make one and then quilt it.

But right now it seems that I have an overload of inspiration and all the right fabrics. This quilt is obviously inspired by Denyse Schmidt's Hop, Skip, Jump quilt and while I have her pattern, I winged it instead because of my strong dislike of templates.

I started piecing the top this past weekend and here it is! And let me add, I'm rather proud of myself because I managed to use my hubby's fancy camera to take a half-decent picture without his help... I'm just not going to mention my confusion over the "subject too dark" notation on the screen that mysteriously disappeared when I removed the lens cap.

You can stop laughing now... ;)

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Hop, Skip, Jump + yellow