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A Stitchin' Summer

This has been the extent of my sewing the past week or so. As ya'll know, I'm a big fan of Jenny Hart and this pattern comes from her book, Embroidered Effects. I'm thinking that this is going to be the front of my zippered embroidery bag. Right now I'm using one of my fabric grocery totes for all my embroidery and it's just not very organized.

This is one of the first summers in several years that I can remember slowing down for. And it's nice. Last night Chaney and I tie dyed t-shirts after dinner; I had never done that before but Steve and Chaney are experts! After that we sat down and watched old Looney Toons and I did a little embroidery. There's something very nice about being able to sew with Steve and Chaney around, under a fan, and with one of Steve's famous margaritas. And BTW, I'm thinking it's about time for his debut post here to share his recipe!

My studio is upstairs and because heat rises, I have sweat rolling down my back after a few minutes of quilting. Lovely image, huh? I guess I need to quilt in the morning this weekend before the heat is too bad. We are going on vacation next week and I'd love to be able to take a few quilts along so I can hand stitch the bindings while we relax.

Oh, and I've gotten a several emails about my iced coffee... we have Keurig {LOVE. IT.} I use their Nantucket iced coffee pods. I originally learned about iced coffee from The Pioneer Woman and she has a great recipe that I tried before we got our Keurig coffee maker. I highly recommend making your own! It costs me .55 {cream and sugar included} for a 16 oz cup compared to $3.00 + at a coffee shop. More money to spend on fabric!

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A Stitchin' Summer + time