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Chaney's workspace looks an awful lot like mine...
It was a wonderful weekend! Chaney gave me her Mother's Day presents... a card and a coupon book full of fun gifts like a "free" cream cheese bagel, "free" bed made, "free" kiss & hug, etc. I hope she never outgrows these handmade gifts because they are my absolute favorite. Well, a new Pandora charm also makes me pretty darn happy too...
After cashing in my bagel coupon yesterday, Chaney and I headed upstairs to sew. I love how she jumps right in and starts sewing; she's fearless! She doesn't stress about colors or even much over design. She has become quite proficient with her sewing machine... she can thread it, wind the bobbins, put the bobbin in the bobbin case, and she always starts with her needle down. :) She keeps asking to be able to sew without me in the room but I'm just not ready for that and probably won't be for a few more years. That and well, it gives me a reason to always be sewing right along with her.

While Chaney worked on a pillow with a pocket {her design} I got brave and tackled piecing with curves. I've wanted to make a variation of a drunkard's path quilt for a long time now but the curves always scared me. I cut my pieces on my Accuquilt cutter and went to work. I started out using pins but that got tedious really fast. It also wasn't working all that well.
I consulted The Internet and found Nova's tutorial on piecing curves without pins. It's a video and it is fantastic. After watching it, I was piecing my blocks without pins and fairly fast I might add. It's definitely not speedy but it is faster than pinning. I'm now a fearless quilter when it comes to piecing curves!
I really like my flowers and I'm doing some experimenting with low contrast background fabrics. We'll see...
Oh, and I had my allergy testing this morning. What food am I allergic to??
Nothing. I'm not allergic to any one food by itself. The good thing about that is that I can start eating Mexican food again. And any other foods as well. I'm not quite fearless but I'm getting better.
The bad part is that I'm allergic to something environmental that cross-reacts with a food. It could be something as simple as a common fungus on a vegetable touching an avocado in a kitchen. How do you order your dinner around something like that?? I also have a certain cell that is responsible for anaphylaxis and I have 3x's as many of those cells as a "normal" person.
The short of it is that I could spontaneously combust at any time. I joke... I joke ;)
I'll go back for environmental tests in a few weeks but the best thing I can do long term is relax a little and always be prepared by carrying my Epipens. So we are celebrating no food allergies tonight with Mexican food. I'll be that girl with a margarita in one hand and an Epipen in the other...
Thanks for all your well wishes, information, advice and assurance about allergies; it has meant a lot to me. I'm terribly behind on emails but I'll get there. If you have emailed me in the past few weeks and you are worried that I've missed it, feel free to forward it to me and I promise to get to it this time around.

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