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Wonky {house}

I mailed off my wonky houses for the block swap that Jane of Jane's Fabrics & Quilts is hosting. I love my blocks! They are BIG blocks {12.5"} which will make for a nice sized quilt. I used up some of my Katie Jump Rope stash for the houses. I think that the argyle looks like wonky windows.
Oh, and I live in Argyle, TX. How appropriate is that?? I crack myself up sometimes...
We had a wonky house around here this past weekend. Ever have one of those weekends? You know... the kind with grand plans and then everything goes wonky?

Chaney has the flu. Booooo! She missed two birthday parties that she had been so looking forward to. I felt so bad for her. Fortunately we caught it early so she was able to get an anti-viral flu prescription. But then that make her puke. So now we are on our second medication and it seems to be working better so hopefully she will be able to go back to school tomorrow.
And then there's Steve. Poor Steve. He was looking forward to the NASCAR race at Daytona all weekend. Daytona is like the Super Bowl of car racing; except that it's the first race of the season which seems backwards to me ... insert NASCAR joke here. ;)

Me, I'm good. No curly hair pictures to show because I pretty much had wild woman hair under a baseball cap all weekend. I finally did get some sewing done yesterday when Chaney was feeling less clingy.

So in keeping with my wonky weekend, I made my signature blocks wonky too. They measure 6" and the wonkiness hides that fact that I could barely write straight after this weekend! I've never done a block swap complete with signature blocks so I'm really excited to see what comes back.
This is going to be a fun quilt to put together!

quilt blocks, signature block, and more:

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