Journey of Quilting + Thanksgiving


So I am officially protesting. We don't have much of a fall season here. Maybe a week or so but I don't see the gorgeous fall foliage here like I see in other parts of the country. People like me who live in Texas go to Massachusetts to see real fall leaves... I took this picture in Boston in one of their many famous cemeteries.

Back to the protest, what little fall we do have is essentially skipped because retailers go straight from Halloween to Christmas. I happen to like Thanksgiving. It has a lot more meaning to me than Halloween ever will. A holiday devoted to being thankful? A novel concept that falls in between demands for candy and then demands for gifts. *And please note that I am being fairly sarcastic*

So I am celebrating Thanksgiving even if our leaves and retailers won't cooperate. Today, I am exceedingly thankful for my family's health. Despite our run in with strep, H1N1 and then hives this past month, we are a healthy and happy family. I know so many who have serious illnesses that they are dealing with personally or in their own families. So for our health, I am thankful. :)

Here is another happy little family. I made these and I refer to them as 'The Partridge Family"...

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Thankful... + Thanksgiving