Journey of Quilting + life

educate yourself...

... the key to independence + understanding + charity + knowledge +(and so much more)
don't rely on others to do the work for you... think for you... speak for you...
get out and do the work yourself
get out there and speak for yourself
don't take away from others what they worked so hard to do for themselves... but give to humanity... by saving humanity
keep yourself educated
keep yourself prepared
keep yourself at peace with God first... and your life will turn around
whatever you do today will effect your soul... your connection with God... your connection with people both near and far
understand this
understand that any ill will you give to others will most certainly come back to you if not now... it definitely will come back to you later

life is not about money or worldly things... but don't turn a blind eye and be afraid of sticking up for your beliefs... just make sure that your beliefs are truly for the better good of man
educate yourself
peace + blessings,

farm, and more:

educate yourself... + life