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I recently read an article about homeschooling that I thought was pertinent... The writer said that she would love to remove her kids from public school due to the quality of education... and she went on to say 'but I don't want to end up in a denim jumper'... laughter was not what followed after I read that, but a true sense of understanding... (and I personally don't think there is anything wrong with a denim jumper... they hide many bodily flaws and are very modest)... Contrary to the "stereotype" this lady was trying to get a point across that the face of homeschooling is changing... more and more parents are removing their children from the public schools to educate at home for many reasons... We are very happy with the educational material we use with our children, however, I plan on taking even more time for more fun... more creative fun I love me a schedule, and I'm not changing that, but I also love spontaneity... When our son comes up to me during lunch break while I'm crocheting and wants to learn how to do the treble crochet, I do it When my youngest daughter starts singing, I set my guitar down to listen to her open up her lungs and heart to song When my oldest daughter has questions on life/friends/horses, I set down my own crochet and listen carefully and we talk 

my new little favorite corner of the world when you are going with the groove of homeschooling, that means you embrace the day and thus will embrace your children... their dreams...
embrace the day peace + blessings,

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catching a glimpse... + life