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a time to be quiet... a time to play

how often we catch ourselves within the daily work routine... five weeks have gone by like a blur {{ our unexpected guests traveling from Colorado to Maine just left today {{ booties were crocheted + cloth diapers + and there is talk from the three year old he wants crocheted pants (how hilarious is that!) {{ pizza night and movie night and a card game that lasts 4 hours
whatever we might be doing... there is always time to slow it down...

the kids move move move... and thus, so do I and Jason... but the more you slow down... the more you realize how much more you can live without from the world... and how the hand made items your friends made for you, or that diaper your baby is wearing that you sewed together is so worth those few hours of being in the quiet...
embrace the time that God has given to you
I see it all too often
if you work or stay at home with the kids, there is always time to cuddle... laugh... be with your family
step away from the television, take this time... and do what you know you should... be with them...

be goofy once and awhile... it does the soul good... and God knows we need to be goofy sometimes!! p.s. that's me being goofy... (i know... i have to work on it)
peace + blessings,

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a time to be quiet... a time to play + life