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A Space of my own!

My sweet husband spent the better part of a day this weekend moving me into my very own space. I now have an entire room for quilting, sewing, crafting, etc... I have so much room now that there are even empty spaces just waiting to be filled!

I can even watch TV or a movie while I work.

This has been an exciting weekend. We also have a new member of our family. His name is Gus. I went to the animal shelter on Friday with a friend to help her look for a dog. When I realized that there were two Beagles there, I called my husband to warn him. We have had Buddy the Beagle since he was a puppy. He's two now and is pretty much out of the "puppy phase". So why not add some more fun to the mix??

Meet Gus. He is so sweet! He thinks he is a lap dog and he follows me wherever I go. He and Buddy are fast friends already and he has had a calming effect on Buddy which is an added benefit! I could not resist adopting him from the moment I met him. He was in a kill shelter which is beyond sad for me to even think about. BTW, the other Beagle was also adopted on Friday... They both had 3 days left.

So we are all getting settled in to our new spaces. Gus into our home, me into my sewing room, Buddy is sharing his space, our 5 year old is crazy about having two dogs to love, and as much as my husband rolled his eyes about me bringing home a dog, he loves having two Beagle boys around.

Here is my one tiny soap box moment... if you are thinking about getting a dog for Christmas, please consider adopting a dog. There are so many sweet, previously trained, loving and even housebroken dogs that need homes. Puppies are hard work and I would imagine that a lot of Christmas puppies end up in shelters because they chew up one too many shoes. Gus came to the shelter because his owners lost their home and could not take him with them. He was well cared for, his owners just fell on hard times like a lot of people these days. He wasn't a problem dog; he just lost his space. He has become another bright spot in our home and I'm sure there a lot more dogs out there just like him. :)

Stepping off my soapbox so I can go sew in my new room...

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A Space of my own! + Sewing