Journey of Quilting + Visitors on the farm

a horse party

riding... hot cocoa... and homemade apple pie...

(my oldest daughter's wonderful idea)
she baked the individual pies herself with the cutest tags!

everyone enjoyed the hot cocoa


we brought out one of her vintage grain sack pillows from her room so there would be a cozy spot outdoors to sit and wait their turns on...

beautiful weather... 

she put together a gift bag for each of her friends... which included a hand sewn scarf out of flannel
what did we bring outside?...

we just grabbed items from the house that would be befitting  such as leftover plaid material, a vintage thermos with handmade hot cocoa, and some fresh apples from the orchard, and gathered them together in part of an old wicker picnic basket

a quiet afternoon with her close friends and her beloved Jordan...

~have a great weekend everyone~

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a horse party + Visitors on the farm