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Wednesday Words {prototype}

Do you ever have an idea that works out great in your head but not so much in real life? I hope I'm not the only one!
So in the spirit of being real because I never want to give off the impression that every idea I have works out and everything I make turns out awesome like I imagined... meet my new lunch tote.
I've seen some similar totes with drawstrings built into them but I had some extra ideas as well to make it work for me.

I've been taking this cute little thing to work with me everyday and I wanted something to carry it in along with a fork/spoon, a bottle of water, and the rest of my lunch. I bought this lunch Crockpot at Target and I love it!
It's not meant to cook raw food in but it does a wonderful job heating leftovers, soups, etc. My favorite thing to take in it so far has been cooked brown rice, frozen broccoli and carrots, a little soy sauce, cashews and by lunch time I have "stir fry".
Anyways... my lunch bag turned out decent enough to take to work with me today but it's not what I was after design-wise. So I'll regroup, get some different supplies and hopefully I will make the tote I've envisioned. If it turns out better this next time then maybe my prototype will turn into a tutorial. :)

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Wednesday Words {prototype} + life