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A Bushel and a Peck...

ever since i have been blogging, i have known Jeanne, just as many of you have... and it's always a pleasure to visit her web page:
A Bushel and a Peck
this past summer, i was sharing with Jeanne a few farms I saw for sale that were so cute (i love browsing the countryside and seeing what's out there)

they just happened to be under her father's realty listings! irony? no way

we had a chance to meet this summer when she came home to visit (this is what she looks like even after hiking... blond... beautiful... talented... she's just awesome!)

our daughter's are pen pals they have been even before we knew we had so much in common!

(my oldest daughter — seated at left — wanted to help support her daughter's entrepreneur spirit... Jeanne's sweet daughter is in the denim... that's my other daughter in green)

and i too... want to share with you this amazing woman's talent and entrepreneur spirit!!
meet Jeanne (she's unbelievably gorgeous inside and out)

and this is her new brocante line...
it has spoken to me in volumes

i had the opportunity to ask my good friend a few questions as well...

who is her gorgeous model? her lovely sister!!

i love all the dresses she's showing... in her art... and in her sewing skills... all feminine and beautiful!
what was her inspiration?

her recent trip to France... but really... everything around her inspires her... and her love of femininity and strength

all of these items you see are available now, at her shop... and she's even having a fantastic giveaway!

To celebrate the new collection, The French Brocante, Jeanne would like to have a little giveaway.
She will be giving away a $200.00 gift certificate to her shop.
To enter just leave a comment over at her place: here.


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A Bushel and a Peck... + summer