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linen addiction..

when you decorate your interior, sometimes, you just work with what you have right?

does this apply to sewing clothing?
in my case... sadly... no
it's been a bust over here trying to sew with this fabric i purchased locally — a thin cotton — but it just wasn't turning out -
so... i reached for the linen... and it's much better!

picture taken in "Bridgette's conservatory" that I'm erecting for the sale...
i'm officially addicted to sewing with linen now (that and eating macrons, which my husband went to the store to buy along with the champagne for the Friday night event on October 8th... did you know that it's champagne and ball gown night?... anyhow... he looked all over Trader Joe for some macrons — none! — so the sales lady told him to buy 'this other cookie... it's very similar' or so he was told... they taste like pecan dog biscuits — ummm — nothing remotely close to macrons)

detail of the back
linen... there's nothing like it... and even though it costs more than other fabrics, it is so worth it...

this particular line of clothing per my design is called "Bridgette"

this and other tops just like it will be for sale at the sale
(and most likely, items similar in my etsy shop)


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linen addiction.. + work