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Anyone feeling cozy?... like you want to just cuddle???... and sit outside in the evening and enjoy the sunset while sipping hot cider?
(or having amaretto cake, a scone and coffee for breakfast?*)

I totally do

I'm sure there is a more eloquent way of saying that I do, but I totally do want Autumn to wrap me up with it's organic beauty and give me that comfy feel... nothing like it...

funny thought...
sometimes I feel like I'm making "you" gag with cuteness and hugs and love and all that stuff from me on the farm... at farm... but truthfully; it's like that most of the time

no joke

now, it's not all the time like that — but really — with no tv or video games, laptops or black berries, or any of those things — there's time for being together — not watching movies together, but just cuddling... playing games... picking veggies... grooming horses... mucking stalls (see; not all glamorous here)

this is farm life... I mean farm life...

I truly hope you feel like we are talking with each other here, and you have come to know me and my little ole' farm... because I feel like I've come to know some of you too:)

if we could meet, and sit down long enough, you would see that I love to talk... and work things out... and encourage you... and make you laugh (that's my favorite part), but most of all, I hope that we can work together to create a peaceful life together... (are you still with me here?)

If you haven't noticed, I really don't divulge my "personal side" too often... I kind of guard against doing that... because truly — there is so much going on in my head, that everything I write and show you here is like me; on a whim... nothing planned out
(I leave that sort of thing to schooling and laundry day)

peace and blessings today... to all of you

and don't be surprised to see more recipes here... it's that time of year for schedules:) and menu planning;)

*this delicious cake was made by Angela, and yes, I did eat it for breakfast... she also brought the adorable flower basket with her home-grown ladies' mantle... thank you Ang! and so sorry that picture of me is absolutlely awful with us sipping morning coffee! I just can't take a good picture!!
**and did you see the look on our faces while square dancing? we aren't quite sure if this is how your promenande!

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