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a romantic cookbook...

slow cooked lamb shanks... asparagus with Hollandaise sauce... white bean ragout... homemade fettuccine... warm rhubarb-Bourbon compote with vanilla ice cream

That is what I served for Fifi O'Neill and Mark Lohman (a friend and the wonderful photographer of this book), and our other guests that filled the long farmhouse table outdoors, at a farm to table style dinner late last spring.
All those recipes are now in Fifi's new book, The Romantic Prairie Cookbook
It was a pleasure having Fifi over for dinner again, and though there were some mishaps (like my oven breaking down) it all was meant to be that way. The recipes in the oven had to be changed quickly, and a quick trip to the garden inspired me, and from the reaction from our guests, they were more than happy with the results.
I'm honored to have been in this book.
Like Fifi's description of the book: "Field-fresh recipes and homespun settings"

here are a few shots from the rhubarb-bourbon compote...

this will be my 'go to' cookbook this 2012... there are some really great recipes and beautiful settings in here...

thank you so much Fifi for asking me to be in this cookbook it was such a pleasure preparing the food... and bringing it all to table

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a romantic cookbook... + romantic prairie style