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When it rains... pours. And hails. And is really, really windy.

I have lived in Texas my entire life so I know that our weather can be crazy. But I've never seen hail drifts until yesterday morning! In 95+ degree heat, they still hadn't completely melted at 5 pm yesterday.

what's left of some iris We had a huge storm blow through early yesterday morning. 70 mph straight line winds and golf ball sized hail are not a good combination. When the hail started Steve ran to get Chaney. We brought her into our room and we sat on our bed listening. And it got louder and louder so we ran to the laundry room. And we listened some more. We heard our bedroom window break and then another window break... not a good sound at 2:30 am.

It finally stopped and it was just raining. And here's where I want to say that I love the neighborhood that we live in and the people that are our neighbors. Everyone helped each other out... it didn't matter that it was 3 am and still raining. Good neighbors are harder to find these days and I'm very grateful that we have great ones.

my roses were here The window in my studio broke and just when we think we've picked up all the glass, more shows up. I think I'll be sewing with shoes on for awhile! Fortunately the only thing in front of that window was my ironing board and it only had a few fabric piles on it. Can you claim fabric on your insurance claim?? *totally kidding*

polka dot fences are all the rage this season Our fence is still standing, probably because is it tied into the neighbor's fences. Our roof is torn up in spots and you can actually see daylight in the attic. Crazy. So many of our trees and plants were shredded which makes me sad because we've worked so hard on our yard but it will all grow back... and we won't have to prune anything for awhile! I think the thing that was the most upsetting were the poor birds that we found. :(
But with all that being said, we are fine and I am so very thankful for that... and ya'll are welcome to remind me of that when I'm so frustrated and tired of dealing with our insurance company and adjusters!

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