Journey of Quilting + [life]


what is it in your life that is missing?




how is it that you will be able to find those things?

You cannot give... what you do not have.

If you do not have love in your life, love yourself first.

If you do not have laughter in your life, laugh at yourself first.

If you do not have peace in your life, pray and meditate within yourself first.

This all sounds a bit self-centered... don't let it be centered on you... this is to better those around you... so you can change the world

how do you love yourself? Take care of your body as well as your mind... exercise... read a book.

how do you find laughter? Stop (for the love of God) talking about other people in gossip — humble yourself

how do you find peace? Take time each day — seriously — and pray... be with the Lord... it doesn't matter if it's 50 Hail Mary's or one 'thank you Lord'... find at least 15 minutes to do this... you do have 15 minutes for God

no pictures today... no distractions... focus on what is missing and fill it

peace + blessings,


missing... {life}