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Chaney is in training to be a fabric aficionado. Sunday the conversation went a lot like this:
Me: Get your shoes on... we're going to the fabric store.
Chaney: Oh good! Can I get some fabric? I hope they have some mustache fabric!
This is where she and I differ. As a kid, I despised going to the fabric store a.k.a Clothworld. It smelled funny, it was dusty with lots of dead crickets, and buttons are only entertaining for so long. But because Chaney's favorite room in the house is a mini-fabric store, she finds fabric much more exciting than I ever did.
This past weekend Instagram was buzzing with news of Heather Ross' Crafty Cloe showing up at Hancock Fabrics. So while we were driving I explained to Chaney who Heather Ross was, why I loved her fabric lines, and why it was cool to have her fabric show up in a store around here.

So here's my haul from our little shopping trip to get batting... and BTW, Steve is amazed at how much batting has changed in just a few weeks. Quilting is a fast evolving hobby!

And yes, Crafty Cloe really is that cute! The clothespin dolls are adorable and the print of Crafty Cloe in action reminds me of Chaney.
Oh, and do you see the double wedding ring templates? Yeah... I'm kicking around making one of those quilts with alternating warm and cool rings. I made one last night and let's just say that I'm going to need some more practice. ;)

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