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Not a Quilt & The Winners!

I wish I had a finished quilt to show but I don't. My machine is giving me fits. The bobbin case is mis-behaving and hubby insisted that I take it in for service. I know it's bad when he can't fix it. So I'm machine-less and without a backup because I loaned that machine out some time ago. I've done really well not to shed some tears because I was loving how the quilting {my interpretation of wood grain} was turning out on the Bohemian Forest quilt and I had just found my rhythm right before my machine broke down. Bummer.

But enough of that! My machine should be fixed in the next several days and in the meantime, I have some winners to announce...

The winner of 100 designer fabric charm squares is Laura !

The winner of 100 1" paper hexagons is Lee !
The winner of 100 designer fabric scraps is Leigh Ann !

And last but definitely not least... The winner of 100 vintage sheet charm squares is Mandy Noble !

Thank you to everyone for entering! I am having a lot of fun visiting your blogs that are new to me... :)

I have been so blessed by the response to this giveaway and all of the sweet comments. Quilting bloggers are one-of-a-kind and I'm thrilled to count myself a part of this community. I wish I could give everyone who entered something but I'm thinking my hubby would take away the computer if I did something like that LOL!

Thank you all and here's to another 100 posts... and a repaired sewing machine!

*Winners, I'll be contacting you via email for your mailing address*

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