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she also reads books to really cute babies... 
Does your kid read your blog? Does your seven year old read your blog?? Mine does.

On the way to VBS last week, I overheard this conversation between Chaney and her friend. Now, the tone wasn't snotty in a one-upping kind of way. It was more just excitement over their moms because well, we are still cool to them.

Chaney: Did you know that my mom has a blog?

Friend: Oh, my mom has a blog too!

Chaney: My mom sews quilts and she's That Girl!

Friend: My mom has Fashion Friday on her blog!

Chaney: My mom has an app for her blog!!


Me: Actually Chaney, I don't have an app for my blog... {however cool, I couldn't let that one slide}

Chaney: But I read your blog on your iPhone...

Me: Well, you're reading it through the internet on the phone

Chaney: Oh. Well it's still cool!

Friend: That is cool!

I'm saving this post for five years down the road when Chaney doesn't think I'm so cool. But in the mean time, I better put Steve to work on that app becuase I'm going to need all the coolness I can get.

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