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Inspiration Running Rampant!

I am in two virtual quilting bees and June happens to be my month in both bees! I'm a fairly decisive person but this has been tough. I've changed my mind multiple times but I finally narrowed down my block ideas and it's worked out well that I can use my two favorite ideas at the same time.

My first bee is a scrappy bee so I've decided on scrappy flying geese. I have long loved flying geese blocks and I really like the scrappy versions that have been popping up lately. I am asking for 12" blocks here and they certainly don't have to be in any sort of traditional layout... I also don't mind if they are wonky!

My second bee is the Fresh Modern Bee. I've been eyeing the asterisk blocks lately so I made a few the other night and I was sold! I've asked for two blocks of varying sizes since I want the blocks of the quilt to be different. I think that's going to look really cool! Again, these blocks can either be perfect or wonky because I love variances in my quilts. I included a few cross blocks in this inspiration mosaic because I like the look of the varying sizes and multiple crosses per block.

I have the Teacher quilt to finish this weekend, a few bee blocks to finish, and I really need to do some organizing in my studio. Thank goodness for three day weekends! My daughter finishes kindergarten next week *sniff*... I can't believe how much she has grown and changed in this short school year.

*I can't seem to get the code to link to these mosaics but I'll keep working on it... ugh, darn computers! If you go to my Flickr, you can see where each picture came from...*

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Inspiration Running Rampant! + teacher gift