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Happy Easter {early}

fabric scrap decoupage eggs 
Other than church and getting together with family, and some sewing, it's looking like a fairly laid back weekend. With softball starting and everything just being busy in general, I'm thrilled to have a few days of quiet {mostly}.

Remember this book? I wrote about it a few months ago and decided that I loved it enough to read the next one in the series. The author, Marisa De Los Santos, is a really good writer and I'm pretty picky about that! Her writing has an almost lyrical tone to it; that's the best way I can describe it.

In this second book, her characters are so well developed and it stands alone without having to read and rely on the first book in the series... but I still highly recommend the first book too.

With time being short, I've resorted to audio books lately. I really do enjoy driving and "reading"; it's a nice way to break up my day and unwind before I get home. So when I got Belong to Me through iTunes, I was excited.

But what do you do when the reader's voice annoys the heck out of you?? I have found myself even cringing at times as she tries to do male character voices, children's voices, and the worst... a dying woman's voice. Nails on a chalkboard.

And then again, it might just be me... ;)

My solution has been to turn off the audio when I can't take it anymore and start reading the book from where I left off. Kinda defeats the purpose of getting an audio book in the first place but oh, well. I'll probably just finish reading the Kindle version this weekend because reading is probably better than quilting myself to a quilt because I'm so distracted listening to the reader on the audio book.

I hope ya'll have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

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Happy Easter {early} + life