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"kneading" merriment...

Life is like bread...

*insert rolling eyes here*

patience, the exact ingredients, lots of time... kneading (needing God)... rising (striving towards heaven)... and then, you let it rest...

if you let it go, untouched, it would keep rising... but eventually turn 'sour'... you need to work it again... and then... ahhhh... then you get to taste your reward...
Bread (any reference here signify any sort of importance to any of you?)

Bread is Life

The lull has expired……at least for now…… yes... anne marie was in a lull... no gardening... not a lot of sunshine...
OH MAN AM I SO HAPPY! to decorate for my Lord and King!!

yes, yes, this picture might not be much more than a beloved crystal rosary and a relic... but it's all for HIM!!

aren't you just soooo excited!? ?!!!
i love getting ready!
it's like the BEST birthday party ever... if you spend time, effort, and painstaking decorating for your own child's birthday, then you know what I mean...

have your kids do it... (oh, now, that's a great idea; think of their cute invites, and the gifts they could bring would be for the poor!!... I'm stealing my own idea)
I’m sure you all can relate…..that when the coldness chills the air, and prevents your daily walks that you embrace the warmth within your home.

Pulling up winter’s blanket over my head? Not just yet, but I am however, looking beyond just the frigid temperatures…..

My Celtic Christmas music fills our old farmhouse……
as does the second pot of tea or coffee at 3…….

Online shopping couldn’t be any easier this year with so much great stuff on Etsy, and I’m NOT talking about my things for sale, but the artistry of so many creative people! And knowing it doesn’t come from overseas is SO nice to know (unless it’s a great piece from the UK).

I’m done with malls……..have been for a long time...

I’m done with even Target! I’d rather be in my local shops….supporting those men and women for whom friendships have strengthened over the years…..

This Friday I plan on posting about some individuals who sell things online that I just adore, or who have told me they have an online shop……do you? Let me know!

~this certainly is no time for sadness... don't let anyone leave you without a smile~

Blessed Mother Teresa was once asked "what should I see in these poor people's eyes"... and her response was this: "it's not what you see in their eyes, but what they see in yours"

Merry Christmas... truly!

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"kneading" merriment... + work