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...That Girl, I'm a new quilter...
This is my favorite kind of email to get. I'm always excited to read that someone else has recently acquired the quilting bug and is head over heels about fabric and all of my favorite things.
I get several of these emails every week and this morning I received one with pictures! Rachel from Scotland is a brand new quilter, as in a few weeks old, and I'm really impressed with her work. She read my quilt along posts and wasn't sure if she was ready to tackle a quilt so instead she made some mini wonky blocks into a place mat. I love her idea and creativity!

Rachel doesn't have a blog or Flickr yet so I asked her if it would be OK to share her pictures here so we can all cheer her on.

Look at her wonky blocks!

...and the quilting...

...and the machine binding!
I told her that if she's doing this as a brand new quilter, she can certainly make a quilt. Don't ya'll agree??
Welcome to the world of quilting, Rachel! I know you will meet some fabulous quilting friends here in blogland... :)

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