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quick supper...

pears are still in season (not for very much longer however) so take this opportunity to feed you or your family a healthy supper that is very quick and easy...

pear and ham sandwiches
here's what you need: -fresh pears sliced to desired thickness (they brown quickly unless lemon juice is on them) -fresh baked bread (or your favorite;) -the best quality ham that you can purchase -cheese of your choice (i chose Monterrey jack, but have used Gruyere in the past) -mayonnaise — optional -

here's what you do: — slice bread thick... heat the skillet... add butter to skillet... place first piece of bread on top of skillet -add ham, cheese and pears to bread on skillet -butter another piece of bread to go on top... place this on top to make your sandwich on skillet -when underside is slightly browned, flip carefully and cook until other side is slightly browned as well — if desired, add real mayonnaise to your sandwich — enjoy!

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quick supper... + time