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being aware...

being aware of the truth

embracing the truth the truth of why i am here

i am not here to rally for one candidate or endorse his agendas

i am not here to stick up those signs and bite my nails in anticipation

i have never been that involved in politics... which doesn't mean i don't care

i care deeply for six little ones and the lives they will have ahead

i care for those unborn in their mother's womb who don't have a voice
i care for the ability for me to worship the way i want

being aware of my freedom couldn't be more evident than today

my hope does not come from a man

though i could go on and on... all of it is basically complaints at this point for those who were not aware of the truth, who decidedly kept themselves blinded to the truth, and who continue to deny the truth

only Jesus said He was the truth

Pontius Pilate asked the question to Jesus: “what is truth” it turned out that Pontius was staring The Truth right in the face and didn’t even know it

i am not in the corner being attacked, but am standing up with both feet firmly on the ground


i am aware of the dangers

i am aware of the battle
my hope does not come from a man, but from Him alone...

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being aware... + life