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11/11/11 on 11/17/11

Cindy's post this morning reminded me about my own 11/11/11 experience last week and being outsmarted by a soon-to-be 8 year old.

I was off work for Veterans Day. Chaney still had to go to school...

Chaney: Mom, will you please take a picture of your phone at 11:11 this morning??

Me: Sure

Chaney: What if you are busy? Can you set your alarm??

Me: I'll remember. I'm not working today so I'll be sure I do it. Don't worry!

Chaney: This is a once in a lifetime day! You can't forget!!

Me: I won't. I will plan my day around it. But even if something really weird happened and I did, I could still take a picture of it at 11:11 PM.

Chaney: That wouldn't work.

Me: Why not??

Chaney: Because that's really 23:11; not 11:11.

that. child. I'm so glad that Steve taught her how to tell military time. He was quite proud of her and his teaching skills. I fear for all of us if she figures out Zulu and starts running on that time without telling us.

Tomorrow is a busy day around here! I'm guest posting over at Stash Manicure and part two of our quilt along is up. If you haven't already, make sure you take a few pictures of your fabric choices and post them in our Flickr group. I'll be putting together our first progress mosaic to share here over the weekend!

Chaney, and more:

11/11/11 on 11/17/11 + humor