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in this life... there is no room for minimalism
what we thought we could do... we can do even more
giving yourself completely in this existence creates this awareness in the world's reality
how often do you really take the time to listen to your spouse/lover/friend (or all three;)
do you think just because you are "together" you can just give what you have given and keep on that way
the truth about love is that is takes a balance between the extremism of being a doormat to your mate and beckonining to their every will, and the other side of that extreme of complete narcissism
there are no two ways about it... a fine balance
sometimes it might take the other person to dive head first into the problem or situation and come up and explain how much he/she has learned from that mistake
other times it could be that you both get blind sided and have to deal with a situation together
are only giving minimal love to someone?
it's a rude awakening to realize that you are... or might be...
ask yourself this: "what is the most I can do"

love does not destroy freedom... it makes you realize how fragile you are... how to look with childlike fascination upon the newness of life bonded with another human being... where is the minimalism in that?

within this life there is no room for minimalism
within this life is the fullness of faith of devotion of love

peace and blessings,

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