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Idea Pouch & Pattern Review

I've been a long time fan of Michelle Patterns. I learned how to sew bags from her patterns and tutorials. Her patterns are always well written and clear so when I decided it was time for a new iPad case I instantly fell in love with her Idea Pouch design.

There's room for my iPad, two Moleskine journals and a larger journal as well.

There are pen and pencils pockets too. I left the stitching for a few of the pen pockets out in favor of a larger slot for my iPhone and/or ear buds.

I love the detail of the pleated pocket!

And the interoffice closure is so unique and fun. Two vintage buttons and some ribbon and it is a very secure case.
I've been saving the last of my washi fabrics for a fun project... and one that I would get to keep and enjoy and I'm so glad that I did!
This was a fast and fun project. The directions and tips were excellent as usual. The double topstitching and the pleated pouch really make this case high quality. And unlike some other patterns in my past {not Michelle's}, I finished this pouch knowing that I would be making more of them. Which is a good thing because Steve is already wanting one. And FYI, Steve has the keyboard attachment for his iPad and it fits in this case along with everything else just fine...
And the best part, I got stopped in Starbucks this morning and was asked if I got this case from Anthropologie {huge compliment to Michelle and her design!}. That was pretty awesome by itself and then I got to tell them that I made it. :) Made my day!
Hapy Fabric Tuesday!

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