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Breaking in...

... my Giant Granny Panties {quilt}. Here it is in the wash. I got a good giggle out of posting on Instagram that I was washing my granny panties.

Little did I know that I would be getting some really good use out of my new quilt right away. I've had some random mystery fever for two weeks now. Other than the fever, fatigue, and aching I've had no other symptoms. Weird.
By Thursday of that first week I was tired of walking around with a fever so I went to the doctor. Gus and I spent Friday and most of the weekend on the couch.

I re-read one of my favorite books...

And another... {yes those are Chaney's tiny toes}

...and another one.
Why am I reading a lot of old classics? Other than the fact that I love them, Chaney's reading level has really taken off and the books she's been bringing home aren't really cutting it anymore. So we've been in search of age appropriate books on her level. I remember reading To Kill a Mockingbird when I was about her age but after re-reading and really thinking about it from her perspective, I think that one needs to be shelved a few more years. She is a pretty sensitive kid and even though that book is narrated by a character her age I think the content might be a bit too much for her.
The other reason I've been reading books... real books... is because I don't think kids in general are seeing enough people reading around them. Sure, we are reading on Kindles, iPads, etc but it may not look like that to them. Just as easy as I could be reading on my iPad I could also be playing around on Instagram and I think she knows that. So more real books for me! Plus I love the way they smell and feel in my hands. Yep, I know I'm weird...
*off my soapbox* ;)

By that Sunday night I was so bored that I started fabric shopping browsing from the couch. But other than that, there was no fabric, sewing or anything interesting going on other than the vintage sheet scrap pack that showed up courtesy of Amanda that totally made my day!

I'm feeling a little better today and I'm working on taking pictures of a few quilts. This Friday I'll be doing a Giant Granny Panties {quilt} feature. You don't have to be finished but I'd love to see your fabric, progress and of course finished tops & quilts. You can either add your pictures to our Flickr group or like some of you have, email me your pictures or blog links.
I hope your week is off to a great start!

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