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Blogger's Quilt Festival!

Welcome if you are finding yourself here by way of the Blogger's Quilt Festival! My favorite quilt right now is my most current quilt. Isn't that how us quilters typically are? So here's the story behind the quilt:
Life, to me, appears to be a series of intersections. Go straight, watch out for oncoming cars and innocent bystanders. Turn left, turn right, reverse to turn around. However, no matter what you do, always stop and think before choosing which way to proceed.
When jealous... turn to generosity

When angry... choose to love
When bitter... reverse and forgive
When you are in the dark... use your lights

When lost... use your map
When overwhelmed... slow down, yield, and proceed with caution

When running low on fuel... be resourceful

When in need... give

When in doubt... be creative

I always try to be honest and real here because on a blog there's nothing more sterile and boring to me than, "here's my perfect self, with my piles of pretty fabric, and my pile of perfect quilts...".

If I were to rephrase that it would be more like, "here's That frazzled Girl, with piles of scattered fabric, and a stack of finished quilts because I'm too {anxious, upset, nervous, angry...} to sleep". The finished product may be nice but believe me, I'm just as much of a mess as the next person. ;)

The second phrase has been more and more true as of late and it sucks. Just being honest. Decisions are tough, especially when there are other drivers at the intersection and you are waiting on them to make their own independent {hopefully right} choices before you can proceed.
So I wait. And I create. That's where this quilt came from and I love it. The quilt itself is for a very special baby but the pattern is something I designed and want to make over and over because of how my thoughts wander when I quilt it. Slow down... turn left... turn right... yield... U-turn... if there was ever a quilt perfect for free motion meandering quilting, this is the one. At least for me... ;) 

Free motion quilting and the antique crinkles... It measures approximately 50" x 50" and it took me all of a few hours to quilt it. A few hours where my mind rested and nothing mattered but the quilt, the curves, the stitches and the hum of my machine... competing with the screeching sounds of Phinneas and Ferb. Hey, I didn't say that it was a few hours of perfect peace and quiet!

The colors; pink, green, and orange are outside my normal scope and I love the combination. The fabrics are Nicey Jane, Good Folks, Modern Meadow, Love, Hope Valley and the solid is Kona pale flesh {which makes me gag each time I think of that name}.

Striped goodness... I bound it with a plaid from the Modern Meadow line which is a super easy way to get a striped binding without having to cut bias strips.

A pieced backing...
The back is pieced from more Nicey Jane, Hope Valley, Love, and Kona...

I'm releasing the pattern today too! All you need is your favorite jelly roll and a few yards of a coordinating solid to make this quilt top. You can instantly download the pattern here.
Thanks for visiting today... now I'm off to go look at everyone else's beautiful quilts!

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Blogger's Quilt Festival! + stippling