Journey of Quilting + Sewing

we love horses... and decorating...

(a few years back... but still one of our favorites of our pony Lady and my oldest daughter)

(after a communion celebration — on top of Jordan, our Percheron white horse,... side saddle)

my oldest daughter, 11, and her younger sister, 6, share a bedroom... if you remember, it looked like this just one year ago today...

well, all this shopping and sewing with plaids, and horse inspiration from my novel

"Bridgette... "
has led my oldest daughter to want a "horse theme bedroom"
but not with the 'barn bed' and stuff like that...
she saw this with me while looking up inspiration for her room... and loved it!

i think it's a fantastic picture to go from... there will be no wall paper — but it's the misc. textures and horse/library feel that we will try to achieve
we're picking things up along our way shopping, while finding treasures for Bridgette's home...

Jenny Doh, featured my barn sale on her home page! Isn't she the best!?!! If you haven't read the inspiration Jenny has there on Crescendoh... I highly recommend doing so! hope you all had a great weekend! xo+blessings,

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we love horses... and decorating... + Sewing