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strawberry-banana bread...

trying to avoid bananas is hard for this mother of six... it's so easy to keep a few on hand in the cooler in the car for a quick snack for baby Daniel or the other kids (or me)... but it is not a local fruit

if I was to eat local fruits that are available at my farmer's market it would be mostly berries in the late spring — summer and then apples, peaches, and the possible plum

not complaining, but pretty much just whining that I wouldn't be able to eat bananas again if I go with that idea of only eating seasonal and local with no waste

with all that being said, I did recently have a few bananas on hand, and some ripe strawberries

for this food styling, I brought it into one of my favorite pieces of furniture that rests off of our living room... it's an old cabinet, and Jason replaced the back boards with a wide tongue and groove... a recently favorite place for me to take photographs of my last food styling job for Jo Packham's new book which I had the honor and priviledge to work on
(more on that later)

even makes a great dessert if served with ice cream or freshly whipped cream

in blueberry season, add whole blueberries as a substitute for strawberries

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strawberry-banana bread... + pieography