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hot house market here i come...

photograph by Traci Thorson
in may of 2011, Jeanne Oliver's bag was hanging on the door for sale, as well as a flower I made from brown recycled paper and newspaper...
this image is now in the pages of Where Women Cook magazine
those flowers were noticed by Carrie Rosen, from hot house market, who sold her wares of all sorts at that same sale... in may of 2011 

traci thorson photography

i am so sorry to say i didn't shop in carrie's booth, or anyone else's booth

here's another shot of the flowers, but I put them on cattle fencing I rolled, added lace to the outside, and the flowers underneath...

traci thorson photography

i was so busy with a newborn and hosting that large farm to table dinner with Fifi, that there just was not any time...
but today, I'm in Indiana on a photoshoot with Traci Thorson at Carrie's new shop!
an amazing shop in LaFayette Indiana
hot house market
Carrie and Todd hired me to make those flowers and a few other things... but it's mostly a fun mini-road trip with a good friend
we thought we'd squeeze in a photoshoot while we're at it:)

... on another topic...

I'm also linking up with Jennifer Rizzo for her garden walk...

flag bunting on the vegetablr garden fence

the wonderful scent of privet in bloom

lastly but not least
a bird house my mom & dad made for us

have a fantastic rest of your day... a wonderful weekend...
and may you be an inspiration for others in virtue
with grace


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hot house market here i come... + life