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summer nook...

this table was noticed by me the moment it came out of Amy's car for the barn sale here...

I have to admit, it's kind of nice having a flea market come right to the farm...

the natural wax she put on it prevents it from chipping anymore, and the French hand towel made from flax is what i am using like a little table runner

the "curtain" is just fabric I strung up on a birch branch... just temporarily, to keep the heat out
if it was up to me, I wouldn't have any curtains

but our big windows face the south... the heat pours in... good in winter... not so good in summer

we don't have air conditioning by choice, so everything is oriented in the rooms now for best light/views/heat control

this nook is so nice and cool in the crisp mornings, and watching the sunsets at night...

here's a closeup of the fabric... a nubby linen with a faded turquoise stripe

i grew up sailing with my Dad, and those memories are treasured and seem to be creeping out more and more in my sort of red, white, blue decor
you might already know how much I like Ralph Lauren's style, and seeing he's producing more of his quality goods right her in the USA, makes me like him even more
if only more of the big names did that... think of the jobs!

one of our old corn crib doors fell off awhile ago, and I recently used it for some food styling I was hired for by Jo Packham for a new book she hired me for (more on that later)
after bringing that in for a few shots, i really enjoyed it inside, and it is now very happy being in our nook

I am adding that same stripe fabric in my living room... not done yet sewing those

shopping at JoAnn Fabrics, at a 50% home decor is not so easy finding USA made fabric, but you can still find made in USA fabric, such as Waverly

it is a classic rose pattern I have always liked... and am very happy to work with it finally in our farmhouse

there is nothing like classic pattern and texture

there is a road trip I have planned with a good friend this weekend... if you follow me on Pinterest, you can see what's inspiring me in my pinboard entitled "road trip"
I'll be helping decorate a new shop in Indiana, and doing a photoshoot... but more on that later too

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