Journey of Quilting + sun

Recycled Scottish linen...

I recently acquired some antique Scottish linen...
some hemp/linen mix

but mostly a pure soft linen

the purse you see once graced a cottage in Scotland... I brought it to a new life (still tattered from the ocean breeze)

A friend of mine's daughter just moved home from Scotland... she couldn't part with the collection she accumulated, but also didn't know what to do with all that beautiful linen!

I tried my best at preserving (I didn't cut a thing)

I had sewed the ties, and some of the bags in the warm sunshine on the farm

From Scotland to Farm
(who would have thought!)

It will all be available, with other Scottish linens (as is) at the sale.
(thank you Kathleen from Faded Charm for suggesting me to post with you!)

much love and peace...

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Recycled Scottish linen... + sun