Journey of Quilting + vintage


Moments come and go so quickly...

as we all can relate to

but I beg of you! Slow Down!!

We are not here to impress, or get jealous of one another... but to inspire! and love everything of this world... and in the next...
my camera rarely leaves my side, and so I captured some pictures and wanted to share with you what my life looked like (some what) this past weekend...

from top to bottom:
-me and my little darling + a quick buffet floral arrangement -the reason we live — little darling's Easter dress I made for her this year + Easter "sombreros" (more on that another time) — the entryway (Easter lily in front of French postal sack) + hunt + vintage bonnet and slip — Gilberta's goose eggs under cloche — breakfast + this year's bunny breads + Boston cream pie — homemade chocolates + Boston cream pie (a.k.a. my now 13 yr. old birthday cake!) — hope and a prayer (tomato plants)

So much more happened of course... like me having to sing in the choir at Church (for the first time without practice)... and sewing for the Church's decorations everywhere... the banners... linens...
I'm pretty much still trying to recover... but I love it... I LOVE doing that stuff I'm a VERY HAPPY HOUSEWIFE and Mother...

we all should be!

I read a quote once: "don't let anyone leave you without a smile"

(picture taken in 2005 — when oldest was just a boy)
I love that too

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