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Tied up...

please note: this is not related to my surprise:) I'm icing the cake as we speak!
Quite honestly, I admire so many of you and your creativity, and I aspire to be as talented!

I have come across a fellow gal' who is a merchandise stylist for a store: Tracy at and she is hosting a table setting tour on the web here.

Not having done a tour before, I thought: why not?! so I am joining in on the fun!! I am hard at work deciding what to do for this Friday's tour...

Here's a little inspiration of my own:

My dear Grandparents were visiting before Thanksgiving, I knew I wouldn't see them for the holiday, so I made a mini-Thanksgiving... so this picture was taken in the later part of Autumn:

~There's a fresh lavender sprig on the folded napkins
~The platter awaits the organically free-range turkey surrounded by fresh sage from the garden
~My mother's silver goblets from her wedding that she gave me grace either side of my grandmother's silver platter that are filled with autumn joy sedum
~and if you look closely, you can see I placed locally grown apples on top of silver "cups" (they were originally made for holding complimentary after dinner tobacco)

With simple white plates, I am able to add any color without overkill.

Won't you join us for the tour?? just hop on over to see Tracy to grab your 'table tour' button:)

Have a great day!!

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Tied up... + work