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Morning on the farm...

I awoke this morning to an ever changing song of birds... Even those that are traveling through to warmer climates have arrived for a short stay at the farm... the farm is bubbling over with song...

Our farm is situated so that the first thing you hear when you awake are the sounds of birds... and I don't mean chickens or roosters (Sir Charles sleeps in thank goodness)...

Right now, it's 6:43 and I can hear Robins, a meadowlark, morning doves, a cardinal, and I believe what sounds like many different sparrows, but even possibly a finch? could it be already?

As I was sitting right before my surgery (it was minor), and they were taking my blood pressure, it spiked... why? because I saw a Cedar Waxwing outside his window! seriously...

Besides being able to see the sun rise over the fields... beyond our prairie... and the sun set in the distant west beyond the corn fields... we are also in the path of the migration pattern for so many birds, dragonflies, and butterflies...

We all are in their migration pattern actually, but when there aren't any homes to block the views, our farm becomes the only brief resting spot (our nearest neighbor is a 1/2 mile).

Birds are so wonderful aren't they? All different kinds... and whenever I am able to be close to a bird... whether it's a finch eating my sunflower seeds or one of my chickens having a treat from the bread drawer... they are so neat! (I know what you're thinking: Anne Marie the bird lady-yikes!)

So we might have chickens...

And a few ducks and my beloved goose...

this is her as a baby... SO cute!

You'll know what I'm talking about if you are able to raise them yourself... and they certainly aren't as stupid as they are made out to be.
~After all, God gave these special creatures the same necessity for travel as His angels~

CRAFT PROJECT... please try it!
Here's a simple thing to do to spruce up your local birds' nest... they will greatly appreciate it!

On a line outside, loosely tie up some pretty little ribbons... the birds eagerly snatch up their favorites and you will see them fly away with them! After they have quickly settled and made their home within your tree... and they have safely all left... you can collect these nests and they are simply wonderful to have!... or leave for the "empty nester":)

Shortly after our dear dog Sammy passed away, we found a little nest with his (allergen free) hair entwined within it's branches... it's a treasure of mine now.

WAIT! I just heard Sir Charles crow... it must be time for my coffee:)... I'll be right back... ahhhhhh... much better!! (freshly ground with the cream skimmed off the top of the raw milk — now I'm waking up...)
I even dedicated my bathroom to the "bird theme", but I'm sure you don't want to see my bathroom do you??
Between the Potager and one of the barns, is an ancient white pine, which the birds love to stop at... the branches reach out in so many directions... and I had to share this with you that I took last year... if you listen carefully, you'll hear our Percheron Jordan saying good morning as well!
*you'll have to turn my playlist off to hear it... it's at the bottom of this page*

Oh... this one has become an "outdoor wednesday" post courtesy of: Have a great day!

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Morning on the farm... + Visitors on the farm