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Period Living Magazine...

Some weekend inspiration has come to my attention...
Period Living Magazine, a British publication of interiors that I spent quite a bit of time looking at last night.
I came across this home and totally got inspired, and have already moved my living room around and rearranged items in there.
Here's the couple's synopsis: (courtesy of Period Living Magazine) Location: Derbyshire Period: Built in the 1800s as two cottages for the managers of the dye mill opposite; it was knocked into one house in the 1900s and an extension was added in 2000 Owners: Phil Heath, a tree surgeon, and his wife Philippa, a holistic lecturer, specialising in baby and child massage; they have four children: Jack, Tom, Joe and Bess
These aren't just words about them... but take a look above again at the Owner's description... A tree surgeon?? love that... and his wife a holistic lecturer?? I took baby and child massage classes (on how to instruct it) when I was a personal trainer at the gym... I think Jason and I could be good friends with this couple (lol)

all their kids sleep together... I just love that! and want to recreate this up in our attic... i love every detail!

Look out Jason... we might just be putting up a pink canopy in our room like this

Considering I am joining Jennifer Rizzo and her party:

if I can, I will post pictures of the changes I have made because of this amazing home (it all depends when this baby wants to arrive!!)
do you have spring fever like me? then join Jenn's party! click on the above picture to take you to the post on all the details

Have a great weekend!!

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Period Living Magazine... + life