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Step 1,2, 3...

I like that: step 1, 2, 3... it's like a dance in the garden to me... sometimes, the partner is not so appealing... and sometimes your feet will get smashed and you'll feel like going to sit down and just have a drink;) But work through it — and you'll see... patience my dear... patience... (at least, that is what I"m telling myself)
Step 1 is simple... find your spot:)
Step 2: really "listen" to the structure you are working with Since I'm TRYING not to buy anything except plants for this project right now, so I found this old gate I had, and it 'kind of' looks like it's opening to the little path I erected... water break!

See... husband was going to tear down this "eyesore", and painted the house, and added a back landing and stairs... soooo... all the plants got torn out — and so just dirt remains...
Develop your hard scape — the patio or surrounding path by your Summer House, because you are not going to want to do it while the plants are trying to get big and work around them...

Look around what you have:

bricks gravel
large logs you could cut into round 'pavers'
but by all means use the pocket book if you are able!
Step 3 involves the plants. I'm choosing herbs and a few shrubs that I know will be able to tolerate me moving them to another place later on when the garage is torn down;)

Some of you have e-mailed me for plant ideas — just go with what you want: but stick with plants for the right sun requirements... part shade, full sun... you kwim.

I totally didn't get enough plants, so I have to go out and get more (darn! — hee hee) Have a great day outside! and pssstt: I labeled this post Summer House, so next time you come and want some more tips, just search in the top left corner of my blog in that search box and type in Summer House and you'll see all the posts pertaining to this "project"..

and p.s. For those of you who have asked about my "how do I find time" well, our home school recess is from 10:30 — 11:00:) so I've got literally 1 minute to go heat up my coffee and get back at "my vocation" -

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Step 1,2, 3... + work